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Deciding Between the Classic and Studio Slide

Lei mule slides
The most common question I’ve received is: what, exactly, is the difference between the Classic and Studio Slide? And how do I know which one fits me best?
To be clear, both styles are designed with maximum comfort in mind. However, they do differ in two ways: the cut of the vamp over the top of the foot, and the stitching of the upper leather/suede. 
Lei mule slides
The Studio Slide (top) features a straight, clean cut over the top of the foot. If your foot is quite narrow, it might leave a bit of room on the sides. It’s a modern, androgynous style with a forgiving fit.
Unlike the Studio, the Classic Slide (bottom) has a slightly rounded vamp over the top of the foot. Because it follows the foot’s natural curve, it cradles it just so, with a glove-like fit.   
Lei mules slides Lei mule slides
The stitching is hidden on the Classic Slide (left on desktop or top on mobile), but visible on the Studio Slide (right on Desktop or bottom on mobile).
Lei mule slides  Lei mule slides
Placed side to side, you'll be able to see that the Classic Slide ( left on desktop or top on mobile; photo by Sammie Chan) and Studio Slide ( right on desktop or bottom on mobile) are slightly different. Put simply, both are exceedingly comfortable and can fit either snugly or loosely depending on the width and thickness of your foot, as is the case with any shoe you purchase.
I hope that was informative and helps with your decision-making!


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