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How to Clean Your Leather and Suede Shoes

The Lei How to clean leather suede shoes

So you have a brand-new pair of slides. But if you, like me, have the unfortunate tendency of destroying every beautiful thing you touch, you also harbor the anxiety of actually wearing them. And for good reason! The world is a treacherous place. Truly.

The Lei How to clean leather suede shoes

The wonderful news is I recently came across a shoe protector spray that not only works but is made from an eco-friendly, non-toxic formula, which means it can be used indoors.

Founder Grace O'Neill and her husband came up with this formula when Grace was pregnant and looking for a product that was not harmful to their health. 

Magic Spray by Jak Snow is a water repellent that essentially forms an invisible, odorless and breathable barrier, protecting your shoes from any dirt build-up, water, liquid, oil and UV damage. It can be used on soft leathers, suede, nubuck, and other porous textiles. Just how much solution you need will depend on how porous the material is. 

The Lei How to clean leather suede shoes

Before using, test the Magic Spray on a small area of the suede to ensure it doesn’t damage the surface. 

The Lei How to clean leather suede shoes

Hold it five to 10 cm from the shoes and spritz over the entire surface of the suede, ensuring that you get the sides along the ridges. 

The Lei How to clean leather suede shoes

Use a soft brush to gently rub in the formula. 

The Lei how to clean leather suede shoes

Allow the shoes to air-dry for 15 minutes. Once dry, repeat spraying process for an extra layer of protection and let dry for 24 hours before wearing. The spray should be re-applied every six months, and each 180ml bottle will cover five to six pairs of size 8 shoes. 

The Lei how to clean leather suede shoes

To get rid of marks on unprotected suede, I suggest using a suede cleaner block, which can be purchased from any leather shoe store, and rub gently on the affected area.

A few of you have expressed concern about dirtying your suede slides — especially the lighter colored ones, which can be especially nerve-wracking. I swear by Magic Spray (like its name suggests, it's truly magic), and we proudly carry it here at The Lèi. Find it here. Here's to protecting all the things we love. 



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